“Sandra, wake up and smell the coffee, the world is too big for you to stay in the dark.” Those were the words I told myself last year as I tried to give my life a more positive direction. 

The New Year came in, and I equipped myself with positive thoughts and energy towards productivity; in work, in business, loving myself, and towards humanity. It is the start of the 4th month of the year, and I appreciate myself for how much I have been able to achieve. Stepping out from shards of sharp edges into the grass of freedom and I have never felt so alive. The transition is gradual, but I’m impressed with my progress.

In January, my office appreciated my good works and gave me a promotion. What a good way to start the year! I have so much energy and enthusiasm to work more, not just because I am seeking rejuvenation and usefulness to my soul, but because I want the organization to move forward. It is time I made myself the emblem of everything positive. So, much more energy will be diverted towards being fruitful in good things this year.

Just before Christmas I decided to start my own blog, to share my story and life adventure.  I have always wanted to do something of my own. I mean, something that I can point to as my creation. This blog is one of the fulfillment that brings joy, the blog will follow my daily life. It’s off to a slow start, but what’s the rush.

My business is also off to a great start and I’m excited for the Year ahead, sometimes I wonder where I get the energy because I still try to balance everything I do daily with this. Although doing all these is both demanding and challenging, I know I will do just fine, handling them all, as I have grown to become a strong woman.

Last year was a tough one for me, I crumbled like a cloth of skin without a frame. You know, it has been my culture to give everything that I have into things I cherish, but was hurt. I thought what was wrong with me. Is there anything bad that I have that repels good people? Don’t I have a beautiful soul? Am I not worth being around? These and many more questions pop up on the screen of my mind. And each time I journey through depths of thoughts, I find empty shells of answers to what became rhetorical questions, but like every experience I go through I learn and it makes me stronger.

            Sometimes, I sit down and look at the beautiful things around the world. I smell the air, I see little creatures and pets, and I see people sharing smiles. I see men hug one another; every man being another’s happiness. My thought would wander back to myself, always. I am also a beautiful part of this world. 

          Times are challenging and things aren’t moving fast as much as I hope. I am not halfway my expectations, but I’m amazed at where I’m at today, I am smiling at myself, and I feel strengthened. I see myself ready for the world. No, this is not a situation of me against the world, it is me being equipped to make the world a better place. 

Note to self and others :Live your life to impress you and no one else.

Till next time.


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