One Friday the 13th I turned a year older, and I’m grateful and thankful to have the privilege of to enjoy another birthday

The last year was intense and full of all kinds of events, both positive and negative.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I know I have become a very different person from last year. The experiences enriched me and contributed to my personal growth, now I have the feeling of knowing myself better and being able to manage many situations in a better way.

This remarkable result was not achieved only thanks to my commitment, but it is the result of my interaction with each one of you. Every person who is part of my life has made his/her contribution to allow me to get to this point and I will always have a debt with you for your help. Each of you has incredibly helped me, both with blatant actions and with small daily efforts and I will try to repay my debt by assisting you in every moment of your life.

Now is the time to thank you for all you have done for me.

Thank you for allowing me to appreciate life and all it offers. I learned that pure joy is in small things: an unexpected message, an ice-cream with friends, a walk with the partner, the sun’s rays on the skin, an unexpected gift, an evening full of memories.



Happiness is in little everyday things, and I will always remember this lesson of life.

Thank you for enduring me in sad moments, on some occasions I know I am particularly insufferable and acid and I hope that my words have not offended any of you. I have lost control of the situation, and I apologize sincerely, unfortunately, I am afraid of losing the people I love, and that attitude is a defense mechanism.

Thank you all for the support in the beautiful moments of this year, but above all for the support in the negative moments. Supporting a person when everything goes in the right direction is easy, but helping a person in a moment of difficulty is the basis of a real friendship and a united family.

And I know I own both.

Finally, I want to thank you for the beautiful gifts. Every gift is always beautiful and unexpected, means that every one of you has dedicated time and money to me, it is a lovely thought, and every gift is priceless.

What can I tell you? I am grateful.

I am grateful to have a family that helps me, endures and spurs to reach my dreams. I have friends who appreciate my character, my strengths and my faults and every day enrich me with new experiences.

My life is still long, and I’m still far from fulfilling my dreams, but thanks to you I know I’m on the right track.

Apart from receiving gifts, I think birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on how far one has come, and make more wishes.


Have a great Sunday…. Till next time



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