WIth Valentines day in two days time, are you single? Thinking about Valentine’s Day can make one feel inadequate and incomplete due to the pressure that comes from the society.  However, as a single person, Valentine Day’s day doesn’t have to be boring; you can do something special for yourself instead of putting your life on hold until you get into a relationship.

Remember that your life today is not a dress rehearsal for the day you will get into a relationship, so try to make good use of every opportunity. Use Valentine’s Day to celebrate self-love; love in all form is worth celebrating. Here are few ways to celebrate  Valentine’s Day.

Indulge: You can start your Valentine’s Day by having a Bubble bath with a glass of chilled wine and an exciting love storybook. Gently pamper your body while taking your bubble bath shower.

PREPARE A SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY MEAL FOR YOURSELF: On Valentine’s Day, you can give yourself a treat by preparing that special meal you have always longed for, make it delicious and enjoy yourself or if you hate cooking like myself, there is always take away

GO OUT, TREAT YOURSELF  : Go out in the evening, and enjoy some delicious meal at a restaurant or an Ice-cream joint. Order for whatever you want, eat and have fun. Why not go to the cinema and see a movie, with a glass of wine and some popcorn. Have a fun laugh and enjoy your day.

CELEBRATE GALENTINE’S DAY:  This one is my favorite, If you also have a lot of friends who are also single, you can come together and have a date. Celebrate Galentine, a day you celebrate love for your female friends and make the best use of the day.

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE THINGS IN LIFE: Look around you, see the friends you have, the family members that are always there to support you and be grateful for all of this things. Focus your mind on the positive aspect of life and if possible create a gratitude journal.

DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE DOING:  You can choose to get yourself lingerie, buy yourself a flower or some chocolates and do something you enjoy doing.  Don’t wait until you get into a relationship before showering yourself with love and telling yourself how beautiful you are.

Enjoy a Marathon of TV Shows/ Movies: If you have a tv series addiction like myself, line a list of your favorites (movie, tv show, podcast) grab your favorite ice-cream, fresh pair of PJs and enjoy.

Finally, Valentine’s Day can be a romantic day, but romance doesn’t have to be all about love. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, don’t allow yourself to wallow in self-pity. You have a lot of options, get dress up, prepare a special meal for yourself, get yourself a pizza, and do something sweet because self-love is the best love you can rely on.




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      Hi Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it, at the moment I do not use affiliate, I’m just writing as a hobby.. Might change my mind later but happy at the moment. I looked at your blog and so far looks good to me… Good luck and keep it up

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