Ready to make “great health” your New Year’s resolution? Starting in the kitchen is a great first step! Taking bite-size steps toward a better you is a great way to achieve your health goals—no need to dive head first into larger-than-life changes.


Commit to cooking dinner at home 4 nights a week, or incorporating “Meatless Monday” challenges into your diet. Experiment with recipes from different diets like Mediterranean or keto. By mixing things up with your diet, you can more quickly see results (and have fun in the process!)


With so much pressure on us constantly to look a certain way or live a certain lifestyle, it’s easy to feel that if you don’t “go hard” you better “go home”. This all-or-nothing mindset is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure! Make small choices every day, because, over time, that’s what leads to great results. Not eating chicken and broccoli every day for the rest of your life! (What kind of life would that be, after all?)


I believe that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be hard. Making better choices about what you eat should be simple.


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