At the start of the year I booked myself a little city break, I’m that person that cant sit around for a month or two without a travel plan.  So last week I decided to treat myself to the lovely and famous Budapest , it’s my first travel of the year and I was so excited as I have heard loads about the location. I went from Wednesday night till Saturday night, so practically had 3 full days to explore the city.

I booked myself a lovely accommodation in the heart of the city, near shops and restaurants and a minute walk to the bus stops. I used the bus from the airport and it goes straight into the city center.

Before I dive into my must see’s of Budapest, I recommend buying the 3 day tour bus, it cost €26 includes all stops, the boat ride at night and during the day and on the bus you get booklets with discounts at a lot of food and sightseeing location.

I think in the 3 days I was there I covered almost all Budapest’s hot tourist attraction, below are my top must sees. it is proper vibrant with a lot of history around it. The food and drinks were amazing and the weather was also kind.

Below is a few of the many places I visited:

St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica is the biggest church in Budapest and can hold more than 8000 individuals. Despite the fact that in manufacturing terms it’s a church, and it was given the name of ‘basilica minor’ by a famous Pope Pius XI. It took over 50 years to manufacture the Basilica.

Guided voyages of the St. Stephen’s Basilica are available on Monday through Friday among 10 am to 3 pm, for a charge of 2,000 HUF. Organ shows are held on Mondays beginning at 5 pm throughout the year. Receipts are HUF 3,000.

Just a tip, to get into the church you have to donate either 200HUF or 1euro, but it  is 100% worth it, and the aesthetics of the church was amazing and definitely worth the visit. There are also a lot of food places around if you ever need a bite to eat.

Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square is the biggest and most exciting square in the city. Situated at the end of Andrassy Avenue and near the City Park, it is the most visited sight in Budapest. Incorporated by two imperative buildings, including, Museum of Fine Arts on the left side and Kunsthalle on the right side, additionally, it is a station of the Millennium Underground.

If you have sufficient amount of energy, it’s beneficial to visit this place something like twice: 

Central Market Hall

Manufactured at the completion of the nineteenth century, the Central Market Hall (formally called ‘Központi Vásárcsarnok’ in the Hungarian language) is the biggest indoor marketplace in Budapest. In addition to other things, on the first floor, you’ll locate a considerable selection of sausages, red meat, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. Then, on the 2nd floor, there are foods and a lot of merchants trading handicrafts, clothes, chessboards, and different gifts. Paprika, as well as Takauji, are also traded here. In the lower ground floor, there is a fish market, a little Asian market, a superstore, and a drugstore.

Opening times of Central Market Hall:

  • Monday: between 6 am to 5 pm
  • Tuesday to Friday: between 6 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: between 6 am to 2 pm
  • Sunday: not open

Whet your hunger with a visit of this well-known site, and after that get ready and love a Hungarian dinner at Chef Parade Cooking School. To become an insiders’ viewpoint, consider linking a market visit conducted by Taste Hungary, a native foodie master. Look at their Culinary Walking Trip.


Castle District

A World Heritage Place with Famous Tombstones, Museums, and Magnificent View.

Budapest’s Castle District is stuffed with, notable sights and attractions (the Royal Palace, the Matthias Church, there are exciting exhibition halls and fascinating, curved roads succeeding the form of the hill, and some great cafes and restaurants.

Significant Sights in Buda Castle:

  • The Royal Palace, Matthias Church enlightened during the evening.
  • Budapest Nightlife
  • Royal Palace
  • Fishermen’s Bastion
  • Matthias Church
  • Faust Wine Basement
  • Labyrinth

There are two ways to go up either using the furnicular or the Castlt Buda tour carriages. I used the tour carriages which cost roughly €6, and you can see the sites while driving up the hills

Chain Bridge

This Bridge was the main permanent stone-bridge joining Pest and Buda, and just the second long-term intersection overall length of the river Danube. The Chain Bridge is one of the representative constructions of Budapest, and the most broadly famous bridge of the Hungarian capital.

The entire length of the bridge adds up to 380 meters, its width is 14.8 meters. It holds two traffic lanes, each lane is .45 meters wide, and the roadways at the two edges, strolling on which you can appreciate a beautiful perspective on the Parliament on the Pest side. Both the Chain Bridge and the Parliament, their sparkling night enlightenment mixing with different lights of the city are being revealed astonishingly on the shady surface of the running water of the river Danube. If you need to see the Parliament building from the front, you should go for a 10 minutes’ walk from the end of the chain bridge northwards to Batthyány Square.

Budapest Parliament

Parliament of Budapest is the world’s third-biggest Parliament building. Parliament manufacturing, a wonderful case of Neo-Gothic production (despite the fact that showing Renaissance and Baroque characters as well), is just more than 100 years of age.

Guided voyages through the Parliament are accessible when the National Assembly isn’t in session. The visit takes around 45 minutes and is certainly justified regardless of the price, as it covers the central entrance stairways and hall, one of the entrances, the ancient House of Lords and the Hungarian Crown Jewelries.

The most ideal approach to take the visit is to purchase your ticket ahead of time, as lines are very long and slowly move and there are just a limited number of coupons accessible.

Budapest’s Ruin Bars

At the point when evening time moves around, Budapest is changed into a socialite’s paradise. There’s no particular excitement district, as the various nightlife is spread throughout the city – select from bars, night clubs, jazz bars, mix bars or casinos. The new trend of excitement is characterized by the many ‘Ruin Bars’.

In Budapest, casinos are not actually ‘Vegas-style’ but when you are eager to attempt your fate while loving a Budapest holiday, visit casinos situated in a luxury hotel.

In spite of the fact that ruin bars have the two detractors and drawbacks—such as, increased sound levels and littering are causes of dissatisfaction for individuals who live close—they have carved out an effective niche inside the Budapest. Then again, they can profit neighborhoods by setting old, regularly empty buildings back to utilize and refreshing neighborhoods with the arrival of youngsters.

And let’s not forget the food, there are a lot of pastry shops in Budapest, restaurants and Kebab stalls. I also tried a lovely Japanese restaurant just outside St. Stephens Basilica. A few pics from my trip to get your taste buds tickled.

I will definitely recommend Budapest to anyone, it’s cheap, vibrant and has something for everyone with a lot to see, do and eat and has a lot of history behind it.



  1. This place looks amazing. I was all booked to go to Budapest last September but my trip got cancelled last minute and now I really want to go. Your pictures are beautiful and the city looks incredible.

    • Sandra Reply

      Thanks Eliie, it was amazing will definitely recommend going

    • Sandra Reply

      beautiful indeed, I will definitely be going back.. too much to see

  2. Wonderful post! Budapest is actually number 1 on my European travel list right now! You’ve totally whetted my appetite!

  3. Budapest is somewhere that is on my bucket list. I would absolutely love to visit I just need to convince my boyfriend first.

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