At the end of each year, it is necessary to take stock of the year that ended and start planning the objectives for the following year.

I have to be honest, my 2018 has been really satisfying, both from a personal point of view and from a business point of view. I was able to accomplish most of my goals, I was able to travel a lot, both for work and for personal reasons, and I continued my journey of personal growth.

When I look at the results of my 2018, I am delighted, and I can declare that “productive” is the word that best defines my year.

However I am not satisfied, because now it is no longer 2018, but it is 2019, a new year, new challenges, further objectives, the sheet is white again, and I have to write my story again.

I know that every year everyone repeats the same story:

– This will be my year.

– I will make a thousand different projects.

– I will lose weight.

– I will write a book.

– I will become a better person.

– I will complete all the exams.

– I will find a better job.

Projects and ideas that are born on January 1 are destined to die to the end of January.

But I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to lie and waste time unnecessarily, I have to have realistic projects in my head, maybe a few, but something I can really do.

My first goal is to continue my path of personal growth, becoming more aware of my potential and being able to look at the mirror with the awareness of having become a better person.

Wanting to become an example of behavior for others is a truly ambitious goal, perhaps too much, and for me, it is more than enough to become my best possible version.

I would like to travel even further, see the world and new places, and try to make a career at work. Commitment, professionalism and great precision will be the keys to my success, and I’m sure they will take me exactly where I want to go.

But above all I have to win an essential challenge with myself: stop procrastinating and silence that voice forever inside my head that tells me “rest, do it tomorrow.”

I no longer want to procrastinate and waste time, and I have to work twice as hard in half the time because of procrastination.

My first priority of the year is getting things done, and I’m sure I’ll do it., and be able to say I made progress by December 31st, 2019.

On a side note I joined Weight watchers at the start of the dear, as I’m hoping it will help me make better food decisions and experiment more with food, so keep an eye out for food recipes.

It will not be easy, but I will do my best to do it.



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