It’s that time of the year again, where you look back and reflect and always look forward to what the future has in store. For me, reflecting on the previous year helps me identify some of my accomplishments like going for my Msc. and successfully completing this , securing a job straight after, making new friends and dealing with my health. It also allows me to see how I can improve and achieve more.

Personally I am so excited about the year 2018, I feel so different about the New Year because it began on an exciting note.  On the 1st of January, I tried setting up a Masterplan for the New Year.

I decided not to make a New Year resolution because one thing that has never worked for me was the practice of living by my New Year’s Resolutions. No matter how I tried, I never kept to them.

To be honest I gave up on resolutions a few years ago, as by the end of January I would have given up.

And that was why I decided to start something different, which was creating the master plan and goals I wish to achieve. I have decided to work smarter and not harder going forward, and laid out some goals that I want to accomplish 

Here are my top goals for 2018

Enjoy: One thing I did last year, was wish my weeks away, immediately it got to the Monday, I already wished it was a Friday, which kind of made me see things in the wrong perspective, I am excited with what 2018 brings, as I love my job, I’m going to make each day worthwhile and enjoy life and I have also taken the extra step of starting up my blog to share my life experience.

Travel: Being a student last year meant I had to live on a budget and try and save, I always loved travelling, but had to put on the brakes for about two years, I can’t wait for what I have lined up this year and also share the experience and pics.

Self Love: Most times we get carried away, either wishing things were different either physically, financially, emotionally. we beat ourselves up when you hear what you that like, abuse our body through neglect. Self love is important in life as it plays a huge part, it influence who your friends are, how you work and a lot more, I will be more appreciative with myself and forcus more on the Positive and use the negative as a learning curve to grow on.

Work on my Finance:  This is the year to use spreadsheets, stay organised, less on what I want and more on what I need, there will always be the indulgence moments, I just need to know my limit.

These goals are top of my lists, but there will be more as each day goes by.

Have you made your goals for 2018, please share I will will love to read about them.


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